A faithful travelling companion, the Carta d'Amalfi is the oldest and most valuable in Europe

Each piece of Fucine Romane jewellery is accompanied by a Certificate of Origin and Guarantee that certifies the authenticity of the High Jewellery creation. To underline the importance of this document, we have exclusively chosen to use the very precious "Amalfi paper", whose sheets are individually handmade according to centuries-old craftsmanship techniques.

Thick, rough and with frayed edges, the Amalfi paper is among the most precious papers in the world. It is made by the oldest paper mill in Europe in continuous activity for over seven centuries. Its very first watermark bears the name Amatrulo and includes three Angevin lilies, the symbol of the noble and ancient family that ruled the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies between 1282 and 1442. Since then, the Amatruda family has carried on a tradition that has stood the test of time. The magnificent sheets and envelopes of the Certificate of Origin and Guarantee also bear a fascinating watermark with the paper mill’s coat of arms and the name of Amalfi, to be admired against the light.

The history of the paper coincides with the history of humankind. According to an ancient tradition, it was invented in China in the 2nd century BC, whence it spread, along the caravan routes, to the Muslim centres of Persia, the Syrian-Palestinian coast, and the Arab cities of Spain and North Africa. The history of Amalfi and the Coast is inextricably linked to its status as an ancient and powerful Maritime Republic; its rich and wandering merchants learnt the art of papermaking from the Arabs almost a thousand years ago.

This rich history allows us to meditate on how the encounter between distant cultures has always led to a beneficial synthesis for the whole of humanity.

We admire and are deeply grateful to the people who have passionately created handicrafts following ancient traditions. Popes and Emperors, Artists and Lovers, have entrusted their memories to these magnificent sheets of paper, handmade on the Amalfi Coast for centuries.