Our lives

The dream of two young Romans

Marco Clavorà Braulin and Francesco Maria Morettini were born in 1993 in the suburbs of the Eternal City.

They met when they were in High School and have remained great friends despite the fact that life has often taken them far away from each other.

Marco graduated in Pianoforte from the "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory in Rome and began a concert career that led him to perform for important philharmonic societies, theatres and concert halls on three continents. At a very young age, he received the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic for his artistic merits. Born into a family of musicians, he grew up in contact with the Cult of Beauty, Human Expression and Perfectionism - a relentless pursuit inspired not by good intentions, but by a moral obligation.

Francesco carried out his Master's studies at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, receiving the prestigious Ermenegildo Zegna Foundation Scholarship and awards for academic excellence. In 2019, he was chosen as one of the 100 promising leaders of tomorrow by the Boston Consulting Group. With a background in international relations and diplomacy, he has worked for the European Union in Brussels and for various research companies from India to Portugal. Through his work he wants to share reflections and knowledge, always putting the Human Being at the centre.

Their paths have crossed again thanks to the unspoken need for creation and love for Beauty.

They are fascinated by the idea of creating artefacts that will endure over time and can be passed on to future generations. A desire strongly linked to the millenary history of Rome, a place where time is marked out over centuries.

Their lucky intuition was the foundation of Fucine Romane, the only Humanistic Investment Jewellery in the world. The aim of this project was to revolutionise Italian and Western jewellery - never before had the use of pure 24 Karat Gold and pure 999 Silver been imagined in the creation of the most precious Made in Italy jewellery.

As citizens who are sensitive to the most topical issues and to personal and corporate responsibility, they have chosen to use exclusively Fairmined certified precious metals, the only ones in the world to be extracted with mechanical processes in Harmony with Nature and Human Dignity without the use of heavy metals and chemical agents harmful to the environment, such as mercury.

Being born and raised in the city of Rome has shaped the ethics and aesthetics of the two Founders and Designers of Fucine Romane. Through their designs, they communicate their love for the Human Being, narrating and conveying philosophical reflections and a vision of reality with each jewel.

Fucine Romane’s quest for absolute perfection is the sweet result of the contemplation of the greatest works of art that the Human Genius has been able to offer to future generations in three millennia of history.