Fairmined: Harmony with nature and human dignity

The cleanest gold and silver in the world


No work of art can have value unless it is created in Harmony with Nature and serves Human Dignity. To promote sustainable mining practices and the socio-economic development of small mining communities, Fucine Romane has decided to use only the purest gold and silver in the world, certified by Fairmined, an initiative of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

"The Fairmined label certifies that gold and silver are mined by small organisations of miners through the exclusive use of responsible practices. Fairmined leads the way to a better future."

Based on the strictest traceability and assurance requirements, the Fairmined certification system is guaranteed by independent and accredited certification bodies. This ensures that mining organisations meet the requirements of the Fairmined Standard.

Fairmined gold and silver promote environmental protection, socio-economic development and fair working conditions for mining communities.

Traceability ensures that precious metals do not come from conflict or war zones, organised crime, illegal mining processes or child labour.

The Fairmined guarantee certifies that workers in small-scale artisanal mining organisations are paid a fair price for their gold and silver. They also receive an additional premium as an economic incentive to invest in their organisational, technical, social, economic and environmental development.

Work that ennobles the individual and promotes dignity : Fairmined ensures gender equality and promotes community well-being by ensuring fair wages, safety, health and fair working hours.

Fairmined also certifies that our gold and silver come from small communities of miners who work in harmony with nature. Fairmined supports practices of reforestation, protection of water resources, waste reduction and management, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Fucine Romane uses the purest and most sustainable gold in the world. The Fairmined Eco Gold is the only gold in the world to be manually extracted without the use of any chemicals and heavy metals, such as mercury, which are widely used in traditional industry and irreparably damage the natural environment. Fairmined silver is also sustainably mined since it is a by-product of gold, and is therefore very rare and valuable.

Manual extraction is time-consuming and laborious work. Each gold nugget has to be extracted individually; it is fair to pay for this work with dignity.

It is in distant lands that the journey of these precious metals begins. Your hands are the destination; they will be able to guard a work of art created to embellish the Soul and adorn the Human Body.

The Fairmined standard has a positive impact on miners and their communities.

The Fairmined standard is the future. It puts an end to the unjust and unethical practices that have so far characterised gold and silver mining - unsafe working conditions, illegality, child labour, gender inequality, unfair labour practices, organised crime and damage to the environment.

Fucine Romane Humanistic Investment Jewellery is proud to collaborate with Fairmined, a reputable partner that makes the extraction of precious metals responsible, ethical and sustainable. People, not precious metals, are at the centre. Thanks to Fairmined we promote human rights, protect the environment and ensure that every worker is treated with dignity and respect.

Find out more www.fairmined.org