Our Inspiration

Rome, our declaration of love.

The extraordinary uniqueness and beauty of the Eternal City have been our richest source of inspiration. From the ancient and monumental ruins to the small and hidden streets of Trastevere, what a joy for the eyes and comfort for the soul! It is said that a lifetime is not enough to unravel the miraculous millenary tangle of squares, alleys, monuments, hills, gardens and views of Rome. An imaginary map that preserves secluded corners to be contemplated. The sound of the bells spreading from one dome to another - a friendly voice, the sound of home. And the song of the sparrows on plane trees, the confused chaos of the traffic, the lapping of the Tiber rapids that caress the Tiber Island. The light of Rome, from the clear and suffused reflections on the marble to the infinite shades of the sunsets. They introduce the frenetic dance of the illuminations that chase each other bouncing on the cobblestones, in a crescendo that magnificently explodes in the festively decorated Cupolone. Benevolence and eternity that watch over its City.

All this Beauty, enclosed in a Fucine Romane jewel.

'Twas now the hour that turneth back desire

In those who sail the sea, and melts the heart,

The day they've said to their sweet friends farewell

Dante Alighieri, Purgatory VIII

Rome is a placid and idle summer evening, it is the tinkling of dishes and laughter in a trattoria, it is the slender stem born from a seed that has found shelter in a travertine column, it is the heady scent of jasmine in bloom. The City whispers an ancient and dear nostalgia that speaks of eternal comfort.

Ours is a declaration of love.