Our dream has always been to pursue the great ideal of "Humanistic Capitalism", where dignity of Man and Harmony with Nature can find a new and fair balance.

"Time discovers the truth"

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Fucine Romane is a Humanistic Investment Jewellery and handcrafts excellent artefacts in 24 Karat gold and 999 silver according to the most ancient Italian Goldsmith's Art. The gold and metals used are in their purest state, just as they are found in Nature. They are immutable in Time and eternal. A true revolution in the world of jewellery and luxury.

Fucine Romane is a legacy of Rome's beauty, of its historical, artistic, philosophical and cultural magnificence.

We have placed the Human Being and his relationship with Nature at the center of our every action.

To pursue perfection and absolute quality, and to respect our commitment to the Earth, we use only Fairmined gold and silver, a certification that brings together small artisanal communities of miners who extract the precious metals in Harmony with Nature mostly without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Spontaneously following the ancient inclination to beauty of our beloved country, the master goldsmiths of Fucine Romane create each jewel entirely by hand. Each piece of jewellery is unique and unrepeatable, and takes a long time to create: we believe that Time is our most precious treasure, indeed the only thing that belongs to us.

The time spent by our craftsmen, who forge works of art that embellish the Soul and adorn the Human Body, represents a fraction of their existence that they have given you, our guardian.

Following the millenary tradition of craftsmanship and expectation for the most precious works of art, Fucine Romane creates magnificent jewels to order. Every jewel is the expression of a deep philosophical and stylistic research that ennobles the reality of human existence. It must be cared for and preserved, to be finally handed down to future generations.

"Do not undertake any action haphazardly or in any other way that is not perfect".

Marcus Aurelius Emperor