Capturing the essence of things, sharing thoughts on the life of the Human Being, interpreting reality: a Fucine Romane jewel is a form of life, because it communicates its vision of reality through aesthetics.

Fucine Romane is inspired by great human values which are infused into its creations - Human Dignity, Harmony with Nature, Beauty, Virtue, Perfection and Undisputed Quality. Nothing is left to chance; everything is a direct expression of these supreme ideals. This is why we use the purest gold and silver in the World, letting the skilful hands of our Master Goldsmiths create small Works of Art to wear.

Each Fucine Romane creation is the result of a profound and intimate philosophical research, which sees the light through the shapes and workings of the jewellery. Fucine Romane gives a glimpse of reality through the eyes of Aesthetics and Beauty, and not by rational means. The Art of Fucine Romane is a form of life, since it is the result of reflection, of individual experiences, of the Artist's personal skills and emotions. Finally, each creation is an expression of a collection, of which it declines the spirit and the idea.

The Fucine Romane collections present jewellery pieces that are sometimes diverse and dissimilar to each other, since they are united by the philosophy and vision of the World that they wish to share. "The most beautiful harmony comes from diversity", said Heraclitus.

"The most beautiful harmony comes from the different"

Heraclitus, philosopher of ancient Greece

Fucine Romane seeks excellence, virtue, the Aristotelian areté - an effort to achieve happiness, eudaimonia. We are inspired by aesthetic ideals and we propose a vision of the world and knowledge to make the lives of our Custodians and customers more beautiful.

"Man is the author of his own destiny'.

Proverb of ancient Rome

We are inspired by Beauty, which in Art is a guide - it shows the virtues that Human Beings do not yet have and that they must ceaselessly pursue. Fucine Romane's creations are therefore beautiful, because they convey ideas and thoughts, allowing the individual to look at the world with new eyes.

"Through art we can understand ourselves, and communicate who we are to the rest of the world".

Fucine Romane is a legacy of the beauty of Rome, of the historical and artistic greatness of a city consecrated to Eternity. The great value of our jewellery art can only be expressed by the expert hands of master goldsmiths. This is why we are craftsmen from start to finish. Fucine Romane does not believe in serial and mass production, in the alienating mechanised routine, in the dematerialisation of human labour in favour of industrial labour just to chase the maximisation of profits. We believe that artistic creativity can only be transmitted through craftsmanship.

We are proudly Italian and inspired by Renaissance values - we do not seek consumers, but custodians and commissioners, because Works of Art must be treasured with care and love. Each piece of jewellery is created to order, taking into account every desire and need. This allows us to create fully customisable works of art, combating, at the same time, dehumanising industrial production and the principles of accumulation and consumerism that take away beauty and value from our lives.

We want to rediscover the value of artistic commissioning, an Italian and Renaissance tradition of craftsmanship and expectation that has been repeated for hundreds of years for the most valuable works of art. The artist handcrafts the jewellery, offering their time to the custodian. A relationship based on an exchange of gifts between the Artist and you, the Keeper.

Just as it happened for the great Renaissance Works of Art, every Fucine Romane jewel will be commissioned and awaited with great impatience, because Beauty commands over Time. From the order date to the arrival of the jewel in the hands of the custodian about three or four weeks will pass.

We want to be visionaries. We do not create labels between men and women; our jewellery is for the Human Being, and everyone, regardless of sex or gender, should feel comfortable wearing a Fucine Romane piece of jewellery. We envision a world free from oppressive schemes, because "the mind has no gender" (Mary Wollstonecraft, philosopher).