The value of craftsmanship

The exquisite boxes that hold our jewels are handmade, one by one, from a single block of the finest woods - walnut and eucalyptus.

Each box is entirely made by hand and is unique in its manufacture and colour. The wood grain is always different, the packaging being a work of great craftsmanship. The wood comes from forests that are managed in Harmony with Nature, allowing us to truly contribute to reforestation and conservation programmes. Our logo Fucine Romane adorns the wooden boxes and is masterfully engraved with the most advanced laser techniques. Inside the lid, the words ROMA AD MMXX shine with gold leaf, indicating the place and date of the creation of the only Humanistic Investment Jewellery - Rome, in the Year of the Lord 2020.

Each box is wrapped in a fine sheet of "grass paper", made in equal measure of recycled paper and grass cut from the meadows adjacent to the production site. Our grass paper is slightly green and vaguely perfumed; it is rich in impurities that recall its noble origin and enhance its qualities.

The Fucine Romane seal, with its iconic shield in precious burgundy coloured wax, is applied by hand to fasten the grass paper wrapping, evoking a gesture of a very ancient tradition.

The smallest jewellery is kept in a super soft pouch made of 100% New Zealand superfine merino wool. As a natural fibre with exceptional properties, the superfine merino wool is a gift from the sheep that cyclically require shearing to cope with the hot season. Shearing does not harm the animals in any way.

Driven by the desire to act in Harmony with Nature, we also wanted the shipping boxes to be made of grass paper. To fill the empty spaces inside and protect the boxes, we have chosen compostable cornstarch “clouds” - a truly unique and exceptional product, an example of how the Human Genius can find the right solutions to big problems.

Usually, the filler material is made of polystyrene and other polluting plastics. Our “clouds”, made up simply of corn starch, water and air, dissolve on contact with water in a few minutes and degrade in 14 days if dispersed in the environment without releasing toxic elements that are harmful to nature. They are compostable at home.

To seal the precious package, we have chosen a ribbon made of 100% recyclable Kraft paper and natural rubber glue, which can be simply disposed of with the paper.