investment 24K gold and 999 pure silver

The absolute purity of solid 24K gold and 999 silver gives each creation a very high investment value. Each jewel is like a small bar of gold or silver, whose value will grow over time.

The search for excellence and virtue, combined with the desire to create splendid artefacts of great value and the highest quality has led Fucine Romane to revolutionise the world of Western and Italian goldsmithing . We make jewellery exclusively with pure, solid gold and silver, which represent the highest level of preciousness that cannot be equalled.

There are no traces of other metals in the Fucine Romane creations, as is common practice in goldsmithing. Purity, quality and value are our guides, making our creations exclusive.

The purity of Fucine Romane jewellery compared to artificial alloys.

Traditionally, artificial chemical alloys of 9, 14 and 18-Karat gold are used in jewellery. However, they only contain an amount of gold equivalent to 37.5%, 58% and 75% respectively. Similarly, silver is used in 925 alloys, containing only 92.5% of pure silver. Such alloys do not have the natural properties of pure precious metals; they even tend to darken over time and have a significantly lower economic value than pure, solid gold and silver.

Fucine Romane only uses pure gold and silver

Fucine Romane jewellery is made exclusively of pure and solid 24 Karat gold and pure and solid 999 silver, namely the same level of metal purity found in nature.

The purity of the precious metals gives a unique quality and value to Fucine Romane creations. Solid 24 Karat gold has a warmer, more intense and deeper yellow colour. Pure silver 999 is precious, sophisticated and does not darken with time.

Fucine Romane jewellery does not oxidise , it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Our commitment to purity means that we do not make white or rose gold jewellery since these are industrial inventions made of artificial alloys. Such alloys dilute gold with copper or nickel, thus diminishing the value of the metal and leading to oxidation over time.

Fucine Romane has succeeded in dispelling the widespread belief that pure gold and silver cannot be used for jewellery because of their softness. Creating jewellery in pure gold and silver requires in-depth aesthetic and technical research , which Fucine Romane has been able to master. Metal purity is a distinctive feature of our Humanistic Investment Jewellery and a true revolution in Western and Italian goldsmith art . The purity of the metals is synonymous with authenticity, value and exclusivity.