The Diamond Cut Technique

The diamond cut technique is an ancient form of jewellery craftsmanship through which Master Goldsmiths use a special diamond-tipped chisel to create works of art.

The surface of the elegant Fucine Romane jewellery is finely stippled with this tool, which sculpts the precious metal to create an incredible effect of light play with reflections that bear resemblance to a pavé of the finest diamonds.

The diamond cut technique is profoundly human. Each Master Goldsmith employs their own workmanship skills, their own 'hands, so all final creations will be slightly different from one another. Each craftsman-artist, in fact, brings their own individual and unique mastery to their work, the result of their creative freedom and long experience. As a result, each piece will be even more exclusive, because no two hand-made pieces are entirely alike.

Passion, precision and once again Time - the enduring and silent companion of aesthetic research that becomes Art, are essential.

This exclusive workmanship - a stylistic form and aesthetic icon of Fucine Romane - is a visual representation of the starry sky above us, witness to the Beauty of which we are all part.