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Is it necessary to have a Fucine Romane account to make purchases in the online boutique?

You do not need a Fucine Romane account to make purchases in the Fucine Romane online boutique. However, we recommend that you create one free of charge in order to keep track of your purchases, create your wishlist and access exclusive and reserved services.

Forgot your password?

To reset your password, enter your e-mail address on the account page, which you can find at the top right of the Homepage and on all the pages of the online Boutique.

How can I subscribe to the Newsletter?

To subscribe to our newsletter please use the form at the bottom of the page. By entering your e-mail address you will be the first to know about news regarding Fucine Romane and you will have access to exclusive benefits.

How can I unsubscribe from the Newsletter?

You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email itself.

Sales tax

All prices shown include VAT.


How can I place an online order?

The Fucine Romane online shop is always at your disposal. We will be happy to welcome you on every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To place an order, choose the jewel you love and click on buy now. Follow the instructions to proceed to payment and complete your order. Don't forget to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before placing your order. 

How can I pay for my order?

Once you have placed your order, follow the payment instructions. Fucine Romane accepts MasterCard®, Visa®, Maestro debit and credit cards. You can also pay through Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Prices shown and VAT

The prices of Fucine Romane creations are indicated in Euros and include VAT.

How can I modify or cancel an order?

You can change or cancel an order within 24 hours from the date of confirmation of the same by contacting us at and entering your information (name, surname, order number and shipping address).

Where can I find out about jewellery size?

We invite you to consult the Size Guide page.

How can I customise my jewellery?

Each Fucine Romane jewel is a unique creation, the result of the highest level of craftsmanship and Italian excellence. We feel responsible for the beauty of the world, which for us is synonymous with craftsmanship and absolute quality of materials. For this reason, each piece of jewellery is specially made to order, and is entirely customisable.

You can engrave a name, a date or a motto, within the space available. This service is totally free of charge. You can enter your request in the "personalisation" box on the product page, or in the checkout. Please note that it is not possible to accept returns on personalised jewellery.

What are the Bespoke services offered by Fucine Romane?

Fucine Romane is pleased to offer its customers the great experience and skill of its goldsmiths. Contact to submit to our team of expert designers your ideas, designs or suggestions for jewellery that you would like to see made from the world's most sustainable gold.

What packaging will I receive with my order?

The preciousness and refinement of each Fucine Romane creation is enhanced by the beauty of the packaging and cases that are handmade from the highest quality and sustainable natural materials, such as walnut wood, eucalyptus wood and superfine New Zealand wool. A masterpiece of craftsmanship and design that makes Fucine Romane creations even more precious. 

Each package is chosen in harmony with the shape and size of the jewel it is to contain.

Is it possible to request a gift box?

Each of our jewels is delivered in its own special package and accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee. You can also request a special gift box and a personalised handwritten card for your loved one.

You can engrave a name, date or motto within the space available. This service is totally free of charge. This will be a very welcome and impressive surprise. Once you have placed your order, you can enter your request in the "customisation" box. Please note that it is not possible to accept returns on personalised jewellery.

Information on the Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee.

Each Fucine Romane jewel is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee, which attests to its origin and details. The date of sale and the type of precious metal that makes up the Fucine Romane creation are indicated. Please consult the dedicated page here.

What does Eco-sustainable Gold and Silver mean?

Since its foundation, Fucine Romane has wanted to act in respect of the Human Being and in Harmony with Nature, selecting only Fairmined certified gold and silver. 

The Fairmined label certifies that gold and silver are extracted by small organisations of miners through the exclusive use of responsible practices. They promote environmental protection, socio-economic development and fair working conditions in mining communities. For example, Fairmined Eco Gold is the purest gold in the world, as it is mined without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. The use of these precious materials allows small communities of independent miners to live and work with dignity, ensuring them higher wages than the market average and giving them hope for a better future.

For more information, please visit our page on Fairmined.

Are there any visible differences between Fairmined certified gold/silver and non-certified gold/silver?

Physically or optically, there are no differences between sustainable gold and silver and plain gold and silver. The Fairmined label is a certification, attesting to the origin of the precious metal and its positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the mining communities.

The biggest tangible difference is the World we bequeath to future generations. We all have a responsibility not to impoverish Nature and we must do our best to preserve it: this is both a personal and corporate responsibility.

What is the Fairmined Certification?

Fairmined is a seal of approval that certifies gold from responsible small-scale artisanal mining organisations.

Fairmined represents a great growth opportunity for local communities, as it transforms the mine into an active force for prosperity, contributing to institutional, cultural, social and environmental growth to promote gold and silver of which to be proud.

For more information please visit Fairmined



Shipping and Returns

We believe in gentle gestures and elegance; therefore, shipping and return are always free of charge.

How can I track my order?

After your order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking code of our shipping partners. Enter this code on the carrier's tracking webpage to track your package.

If you cannot find the shipping email or are having difficulties, contact us on

How do shipping and delivery work?

As soon as the jewellery is finished, usually between 3 and 4 weeks after the order date, Fucine Romane entrusts its creations to the expert hands of its shipping partners. Each piece of jewellery is insured for its full value. Delivery times are 1-2 working days for Italy, and 2-3 working days for the European Union, after the jewel has been made. For shipments outside the European Union, arrival times may be longer due to customs controls.

Given their preciousness, each Fucine Romane jewel is delivered directly into the customer's hands. 

Is a signature required on delivery?

For security reasons, the signature of the customer or of an adult of legal age delegated by him/her is required at the time of delivery. 

Where are Fucine Romane jewels shipped from?

All Fucine Romane jewels are shipped directly from our city, Rome.

I do not live in one of the countries mentioned in the Conditions of Sale. Can I purchase through the Online Boutique and receive or have my order shipped outside of the above-mentioned countries?

Fucine Romane ships to the countries mentioned in the Conditions of Sale.

We invite you to contact our customer service at in the event that you wish to purchase and have one of our jewels sent to a third country, and we will be happy to find a solution to meet your needs.


How can I return my order?

We are sorry to hear that you wish to return one of our creations. Returns are accepted within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the jewel.

Send an email to, including your order number and email address. We will send you the shipping label to ship the package and make the return. Place the jewel, along with its original box, certificate of authenticity and guarantee and enclosed documents in a well-padded package for shipping. 

Conditions for returns

The Jewel must not show signs of wear or use, must not have been worn or carried. The product must be shipped in its original packaging with all original documentation. Purchases must be shipped from the country in which they were purchased. 

Please note that personalised jewellery cannot be returned.

How to pack the Jewellery before returning jewellery

If you wish to make a return (see "How can I return my order"), please use only the original packaging, sealing it as securely as possible in order to avoid accidental breakage, tampering or damage in general.

In case of doubt, please contact our customer care at


How can I clean my Jewellery?

Please consult the Jewellery Care page.

How can I request a repair?

The Master Goldsmiths of Fucine Romane are happy to offer their experience and craftsmanship to our Customers. We are happy to help you with any kind of repair.

Contact us at info@fucineromane and attach your order number, detailed photos of the jewel to be repaired and a brief description of the repair required. Wait for our answer before returning the damaged jewel. Our team will send you an estimate to have your jewel repaired by our goldsmiths. We are responsible for the return shipping costs. This service is only valid for buyers residing in the European Union.

How can I contact Fucine Romane?

Visit our Contact Page or write to