Starry Sky Ring

Created by hand and brought to perfection in Rome in honour of Nature and Human Dignity

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All Fucine Romane jewellery is created exclusively in 24K Fairmined EcoGold or 999 Fairmined Silver, the most sustainable, ethical and purest precious metals in the world.

Any pins, butterfly hooks or clasps are made of 18K gold or 925 silver.

The chain shown with the pendants is not for sale.

The infinite vastness of the Firmament and its sparkling lights are reflected on the elegant diamond cut surface of this Fucine Romane ring. Our eyes turn to Heaven, to admire its inscrutable, eternal, sublime Beauty and to realize the role of the Human Being in the World.

The sky is one of the most passionate representations of the concept of Emptiness. Considered by many to be "empty", formless, timeless and almost absent from our lives, the sky has always defined the physical boundaries beyond which human beings cannot go. Boundaries, however, that continue to crumble, as it is in Human Nature to overcome limits and discover new horizons. This ring is, therefore, a visual representation of the human drive for knowledge, sublimely expressed by Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy:
"You were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge".

Wearing this creation means walking a path through the Truth of Life - catching a glimpse of the ultimate goal of Human Existence, the shape of Space, the cyclical nature of Time, the continuous change that influences all our lives.

The Sky tells the story of the Universe, which is reflected in the infinity of the individual human soul: "There is a greater spectacle than the sea, which is the sky; there is a greater spectacle than the sky, which is the interior of the soul" (V. Hugo).

If Human Beings turn their gaze towards the stars, towards a space that they once considered empty, they will be able to define their place in the World. The celestial vault, with its emptiness, is, therefore, a generator of impressions and meanings. Looking up at the sky, we realise our physical smallness, but also the greatness of our soul.

As part of a whole, we are not empty, alone or independent, but inextricably linked to Nature. This profound reflection is metaphorically engraved on the brilliant surface of this precious ring.

Handcrafted and brought to perfection in Rome with respect for Nature and Human Dignity. Made exclusively of pure 24 carat Fairmined Eco Gold and pure 999 Fairmined Silver, sustainable and free of toxic chemicals.


The fine wood boxes and wool pouches, which we do not consider as mere wrappings, but as silent guardians of small Works of Art, are evidence of the great beauty of the Human Soul and of the craftsmanship that distinguishes Fucine Romane. The wood comes from forests managed in harmony with Nature and the wool is the gift of lovingly reared flocks.

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Customise your jewel

Each piece of jewellery is made to order, taking into account every desire and need. We want to rediscover the value of artistic commissioning, an Italian and Renaissance tradition of craftsmanship and expectation that has been repeated for hundreds of years for the most valuable works of art. Each Fucine Romane creation can be customised with a name, a date or a motto.

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Shipping and Returns

We believe in kind gestures and elegance, which is why we are glad to offer complimentary shipping and returns on all orders.

The great value of our jewellery art can only be expressed by the expert hands of master goldsmiths. This is why we are craftsmen from start to finish.

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