Tree of Life Pendant


Created by hand and brought to perfection in Rome in honour of Nature and Human Dignity


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All Fucine Romane jewellery is created exclusively in 24K Fairmined EcoGold or 999 Fairmined Silver, the most sustainable, ethical and purest precious metals in the world.

Any pins, butterfly hooks or clasps are made of 18K gold or 925 silver.

The chain shown with the pendants is not for sale.

Amidst the parched dunes of the sun-scorched Bahraini desert stands the Tree of Life, also known as the 'Shajarat-al-Hayat'. Planted almost 500 years ago, it is a reminder and testimony to the place where the Earthly Paradise was believed to stand. It is said to be the same tree as the Jewish and Christian Eden, whose fruits long sated Adam and Eve, giving them immortality and making them impervious to time, disease and old age.

The Tree of Life, celebrated in this Fucine Romane pendant, is one of the very first points of convergence and symbol of the three great monotheistic religions. According to an Ancient Egyptian creation myth, the first Man and Woman were born from a tree in which both Life and Death resided.

The tree is the pre-eminent symbol of Mother Nature, a representation of rebirth and regeneration. Seasons and cycles mark Human Life, in the breath of Eternity.

The Tree of Life Pendant was created by hand with painstaking dedication. Every single leaf and even the most imperceptible wood grain was sculpted in wax before being cast in precious metal. It is a tribute that Fucine Romane pays to Mother Nature, affirming the commitment to preserve and honour her in every action.

Handcrafted and brought to perfection in Rome with respect for Nature and Human Dignity. Made exclusively of pure 24 carat Fairmined Eco Gold and pure 999 Fairmined Silver, sustainable and free of toxic chemicals.


The fine wood boxes and wool pouches, which we do not consider as mere wrappings, but as silent guardians of small Works of Art, are evidence of the great beauty of the Human Soul and of the craftsmanship that distinguishes Fucine Romane. The wood comes from forests managed in harmony with Nature and the wool is the gift of lovingly reared flocks.

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Customise your jewel

Each piece of jewellery is made to order, taking into account every desire and need. We want to rediscover the value of artistic commissioning, an Italian and Renaissance tradition of craftsmanship and expectation that has been repeated for hundreds of years for the most valuable works of art. Each Fucine Romane creation can be customised with a name, a date or a motto.

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Shipping and Returns

We believe in kind gestures and elegance, which is why we are glad to offer complimentary shipping and returns on all orders.

The great value of our jewellery art can only be expressed by the expert hands of master goldsmiths. This is why we are craftsmen from start to finish.

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