The ROMA AD MMXX collection is a loving tribute to our city, to its touching beauty and extraordinary uniqueness over time.

"May you look upon nothing greater than the city of Rome"

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, poet of ancient Rome

Each piece of jewellery is a reflection on the philosophy, art, spirituality and “Humanitas” of the cosmopolitan city of Rome. From its foundation in 753 B.C. through its greatest expansion and the legacy it has bequeathed us, the Eternal City has been a melting pot of different ethnicities, idioms and beliefs.
Rome owes much to the cultures it harboured: the mysterious Etruscans, the ancient Egyptians, the excellent Greeks.

"Captive Greece conquered her savage victor, bringing the arts to rural Latium"

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, poet of ancient Rome

We have admired Rome with passion, through the kaleidoscope of history. Our designs have been inspired by Greek decorative floral ornaments, by tales of the divine flooding of the Holy Nile in Egypt, by the geometric motifs that adorned palaces, temples and baths during the Empire.

It was with the greatest interest that we rediscovered the ancestral apotropaic and protective significance of symbols and animals such as the snake. Great value has been placed on them over the centuries by religions and rituals that have sedimented throughout time. Our collection evokes myths and wisdom so ancient that they were lost before the birth of human memory.

The ROMA AD MMXX collection is intended to be a loving reflection on the Human Soul and a humble offering to the innermost feelings that so much Beauty has created over millennia of history.